The Essential Guide for the Care & Maintenance of Your Writing Tools

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Below, you will find the essential guide for the care and maintenance of your writing tools. Check it periodically as a reminder, follow the guidelines, and you’ll always have all you need to write in fine form.

  1. Laptop or computer
  2. Paper and pen
  3. Your posture
  4. Your body
  5. Your mental health.

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1. Your computer

  • Like your body, your beautiful machine needs to be kept clean.
  • Give It a Tune Up:
  • Organize your files. Delete downloads, categorize your MS Office docs, and drag random things into folders.
  • Back up your hard drive up to an external hard drive. *It’s an annoyance, but a necessary one. Imagine losing everything? Fear is a terrific motivator to haul the machine out.
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  • Clear your cache (in Chrome it’s under “Chrome” –> clear browsing data –> clear data)
  • Reduce your visual clutter and the burden on your computer’s operating system by using One Tab (a browser extension in Chrome).
  • Like a digital vacuum cleaner, it sucks all of the many tabs you have open into one tidy tab, preventing all those open tabs from continuing to drain the life out of your operating system and helping you Marie Kondo your workspace.

2. Paper and pen

blank journal with pencil

3. Your posture

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4. Your body

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  • Google Docs: go to “Tools –> Voice typing
  • On a Mac, press the function (fn) button in the lower left corner twice to spark the dictation feature
  • On your phone, go into the Notes app, and use the microphone button there.

5. Your soul, spirit, and life force and overall mental health

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Jenna Kalinsky

Jenna Kalinsky


Jenna is a writer, writing coach and editor, and Founding Director of One Lit Place: a full-service writers’ center.